Recreational Dogs

In this field you will learn about obedience, dog behavior, and characteristics.

Working Dogs

This field will teach you all about narcotics, bomb, patrol, and tracking dogs.

Sport Dogs

In this section will teach you all about tools, tips, and tricks to make sure you have the right dog for the job.

Dog Health

In this field you will learn all about the basic health concepts of your dog and its nourishment.

About Us

We at Capk9knowledge are different from other training and learning organizations because we do not just teach your dog; we train and learn you as a handler. We engage people with a learning and teaching environment only provided at Capk9knowledge. We prepare your dog with a gentle hand, understanding, and positive reinforcement. We want customers to feel that we are responsible, optimistic, honest, and aware. We will do this through our training by teaching all owners their hands are loving for their dog, and the tools we use reinforce something the dog already understands. Understanding this concept will create a positive learning environment for your dog. The owners will be happy with their dog because it has a great time learning and training. We will also be aware and understand that dogs are different, just like people, and not all of them learn at the same speed, pace, or technique.



Sweet D. Davis
I currently have many years of experience and training with different types of dogs. I an not wait to have the oppurtunity to help you and your dog learn to the best of your ability.


Sport Dogs Various Purposes

Dogs have been bred for various purposes, including hunting, herding, and guarding, and over time, certain breeds have become synonymous with specific sports. Dogs are widely known for their incredible loyalty, intelligence, and agility, which Read more…

Stress seen in Dogs

Dogs are considered our best friends, and it’s no surprise why. They are loyal, loving, and always there to greet us with a wagging tail. However, just like humans, dogs can also experience physical and Read more…

Heart-worm Disease Seen in Dogs

Introduction Heartworm disease is a severe and potentially fatal disease that affects dogs. A parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis transmitted through an infected mosquito’s bite. Heartworm disease is prevalent in many parts of the world, Read more…

First time Dog Owner

Being a first-time dog owner can be an exciting yet daunting experience. While you may have the perfect idea of what type of dog you want, it’s essential to research different breeds and find one Read more…

Using a E-collar for Beginners

Using an E-Collar for Dog Training:  A introduction for using a E-collar for beginners. Dog training is an essential aspect of pet ownership. Training helps dogs learn proper behavior, obedience, and discipline. Many tools, including Read more…